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The   Year   Of   The   Hawk

It started longtime ago when seen in her dreams of a gathering of different birds at a feast. When she woke up it was forgotten until one day when there was a gathering she could not believe it came from the dream. Few years later when she was asleep she had a vision where she seen the winds had calm down and she heard the wall of the nest cracking her childern were all in their nest. I have to save my childern. After she woke up said it must've been a dream, that day a robin came and told her that an eagle and his family was arouse by a strange sound here it was the wall of their tree home was crumbling they flew to safety they were alright.
Their tree home was old it was known that tree homes around there was old and the tree homes will do this. Several years later the hawk's family left their nest the hawk decide to build another nest some where else, one day she smelt a strong aroma and then it would disappear and then later strong aroma would come back again disappear she could not figure it out. Her dau the crow ask her do you smell a strong aroma the hawk said no. A couple weeks before a great event the hawk was feeling down and her son wanted to play and the hawk didn't want to play,that evening she went to sleep she had a vision of a black wolf who came to her nest thinking it was her son and wanted to play but the hawk turn away she saw the black and brown wolf but they didn't harm her when she woke up her son was asleep in the nest. hawk told her mate the red tail hawk what happen he could not answer. When she ask raven what does this mean he said this mean the two wolves are your protecter.
written by jgb:1987 do not copy without my permission
update 1/31/20001

Dancing   Deer



Dancing Deer came out of the forest dance in circle of life announcing a birth of a buffalo calf. written by jgb: 1997-2001



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