Im Part Cherokee my ancestors are of the east. Travel to different pow-wows make my own jewelry one of a kind. Listen to various Native american music while read, travel.etc. Proud that I have many special people who became my friends and family of Peace, Love, Harmony.

Wear my moccasin upon this land hear my ancestors voice on this land.
Sun shinning on my face listen to spirit of the winds calling in the distant.
Hear drums beat. flutes are singing sweet songs to my ear.
My Heart sings of joy, see my brother on a horse with great pride who is the eagle of the sky.
Feel my brother and sister standing by my side with smiles upon their face,there is only one name I hear. Besobi'izhi is my name... Lost Cliffrose...

created written by jgb 10/15/96 this poem is not to be copied

#268 Black Eagle Necklace


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